Advertising Secret Of A Stinky Old Door-To-Door Salesman Explodes Your Sales – Fast

If you spend even a dime of your budget on “image” advertising, then this article will show you why you’re throwing your money away, and what you can do instead to double — even triple — your sales in the next 30 days or less.

I want you to imagine two door-to-door sales reps starting their first day on the job.

They both work for the same company, sell the exact same product and are in virtually identical neighborhoods selling their widgets.

The only difference between the two is the way they go about selling their product.

The first sales rep (we’ll call him Sales Rep #1) goes around the neighborhood he is working wearing a fancy suit and driving around in a flashy car with his company’s logo, slogan and website address written all over it. He just drives around the neighborhood all day. Never stopping at any houses and never talking to anyone on a personal level.

The other sales rep (we’ll call him Sales Rep #2), on the other hand, does the exact opposite. He has neither a nice looking suit or flashy car.

In fact, his suit is 30 years old, his pants are too short and his car is so old and beaten up, it has a coat hanger as an antenna.

And so he has no choice but to “slug it out” door-to-door and face-to-face, knocking on every door, wedging his foot inside every time the door opens, giving his pitch, telling his story and making his case one house at a time.

Eventually stopping at each house in the neighborhood.

Now, really, if your life was on the line, and you HAD to pick which of the two sales reps will make the most money — who would you stake your life on?

Sales Rep #1 in the fancy car driving around randomly and not knowing if anyone is even noticing or listening to him? Or Sales Rep #2, who may not be the best-kempt fellow in the world, but who goes door-to-door making his full pitch (and actually asking for the sale) one house at a time?

Here’s the point:

Image advertising, slogans, fancy logos and relying on technology to make the sale for you is no different than what Sales Rep #1 does. It’s expensive, useless and even obnoxious in some cases.

On the other hand, using the tried and true methods of direct response advertising, finding your prospects, getting their attention, telling your story and asking for the sale — while not sexy — has much bigger “teeth.” It will also make you a lot more money, and will put you head and shoulders above your richer, fancier and more technlogically savvy competitors every single time.

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